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L to R

Drums: Naoki Takada

Birth: 1985.7.7

Bloodtype: A

影響を受けたバンド: Dream Theater. Alesana. Haste the Day. Saosin

Guitar&Vocals: Norihisa Ueda

Birth: 1985.5.16

Bloodtype: AB

影響を受けたバンド: Saosin. The Used. Funeral for a Friend. Alexisonfire.

Guitar&Vocals: Taira Nakaoka

Birth: 1985.9.8

Bloodtype: B

影響を受けたバンド: Saosin. Story of the Year. The Used. Secret and Whisper

Bass: Naoki Hayamizu

Birth: 1983.3.11

Bloodtype: A

影響を受けたバンド: korn. The Used. Spineshank. Pleymo. Pantera

Vocals: Kazuki Wada

Birth: 1985.11.10

Bloodtype: A

影響を受けたバンド: Pantera. Underoath. The Bled. Converge

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